Television archives after digitization: management and open access

Television archives after digitization: management and open access

In october 2016 the Fondo Documental RTVE and the University Carlos III organized a conference commemorating the 60th anniversary of Spain’s public broadcaster TVE’s first broadcast. This conference focused on the digitisation of the public broadcaster’s audiovisual archive over the previous 15 years. Colleagues and professionals were invited to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of audiovisual archiving. The conference showed a need to establish a network for learning, discussing and imagining the future of audiovisual archives in the region.

Following up on this finding, the Fondo Documental RTVE and the Instituto RTVE, in collaboration with the University of Murcia and the Television Studies Section of ECREA, invite all professionals to join us at the conference “Television archives after digitization: management and open access” which will take place in Madrid on 16th April. The conference is sponsored by VSN.

This conference has been designed as a forum to exchange experiences. It aims to contribute to the consolidation of a cooperation network among audiovisual archive professionals in Spain. We welcome and encourage contributions from other countries.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Digitization, migration and preservation.
  • New video formats.
  • Academic research and audiovisual archives.
  • Intellectual property and copyright.
  • Archives in the Web, open access and social networks.
  • Audiovisual Archives in the cloud.
  • Automated metadata creation.
  • Audiovisual archives management: selection.

Organizing Commitee

  • Alberto de Prada (RTVE)
  • Juan Antonio Pastor (Universidad de Murcia)
  • Virginia Bazán (RTVE)
  • Jara Abella (Instituto RTVE)

Programme Commitee

  • Alicia García (BNE)
  • Javier Guallar (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Juan Francisco Gutierrez (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Tony Hernández (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  • Mabel Giménez (Accenture Outsorcing Services)
  • Carmen Pérez (RTVE)
  • Daniel Teruggi (FIAT/IFTA)
  • Erwin Verbruggen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)